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Her love of all things Andalusian, and particularly of flamenco, was one of the first things this bride spoke of when she contacted me, and both were apparent on the couple’s wedding day.

Juliette is French and Wassim is Lebanese and their marriage ceremony was a potent fusion of cultures that played out against the stunning backdrop of Seville’s Villa Luisa

The location, built for the 1929 universal expo and complete with Neo-Mudejar palatial residence, glass-walled pavilion and more than 4,000m2 of historical gardens, lent oriental influences. 

A very international wedding party and jazz and flamenco musicians and even a flamenco dancer all combined in an eclectic blend that perfectly matched and reflected the essence of the couple. 

An emotive outdoor ceremony, bathed in an intense afternoon light that allowed me to capture some very special moments and frame and highlight some very special details, was followed by a celebration in which the guests played a vital role and will surely be remembered by all for many years to come.

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